R&D Center

  • Introduction
    Samyong Inspection Engineering's R&D Center develops new non-destructive testing methods for existing material used in shipbuilding, steel bridge, power plant, and heavy industries, and researches non-destructive testing methods for new materials used in new and renewable energy and defense industries. In addition, We are research on the automation inspection system and database construct, automatic defect detection program using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Recent government R&D project

  • 1. Development of boiler tube inspection device using digital radiography technology+

    Research period: : 2013.12.01. ~ 2016.11.30.
    Government agency : Ministry of SMEs and Startups
    Project overview : Development of digital radiographic inspection automation system to replace the currently used radiographic inspection for boiler tubes in thermal and combined cycle power plants
  • 2. Development of System for Damage Detection on the Outer of Fibrous Composite Blade for Wind Power Plants+

    Research period : 2015.12.01. ~ 2018.09.30.
    Government agency : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    Project overview :Development of a non-destructive inspection method and automation system for the outer edge of wind blade with a length of 40 M or more, before installing large wind turbine
  • 3. Development of Automation On-Site Nondestructive Testing System for Securing Blade Credibility+

    Research period : 2017.12.01. ~ 2020.11.30.
    Government agency : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    Project overview : Development of a system to perform non-destructive inspection of all joints of wind blades installed in large wind turbines

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